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We are the Anishinaabek of the Odaawaawi Gichigami and Anishinaabewi Gichigami (Lake Huron and Lake Superior).

We are the original peoples of this land to which the Gichimanidoo (Creator) has granted us “Minigoziwin” (inherent right or sovereignty)

The Creator gave us Gichinaakinagewin (great laws) that govern all our relationships to live in harmony with nature and mankind.

The Gichinaakinagewin (laws) of Gichimanidoo Creator defined our rights and responsibilities.

The Gichimanidoo Creator gave us our spiritual beliefs, Anishinaabemowin languages, our culture, and a place on Mother Earth which provided us with all our needs.

We maintain our freedom, our Anishinaabemowin languages, and our traditions from time immemorial.

We continue to exercise the rights and fulfill the responsibilities and obligations given to us by the Gichimanidoo (Creator) for the kidakiimnaan (land) upon which we were placed.

The Gichimanidoo (Creator) has given us Debendiziwin (the right to govern ourselves and the right to self-determination).

The rights and responsibilities given to us by the Gichimanidoo (Creator) cannot be altered or taken away by any colonizers or foreign government.

We have occupied and exercised authority and jurisdiction over our communities, our economies and our ways of life within this territory since time immemorial and notably, prior to pre-contact with colonizers or foreign governments.

We have, and always had, our own governments which is the only recognized and legitimate authority with jurisdiction over all our lands and resources.

We accept the responsibility of exercising this authority and our rights respecting all our lands and resources.

We are committed to the principle of reciprocity by sharing, working together and working through any conflicts, with this respect for each community, to support one another, to work together on common goals and most importantly to assert our collective rights within the territory.

We entered into treaties such as the Robinson-Huron Treaty of 1850, with the intent of protecting future generations’ minobimaadziwin (health), wealth, and growth of our communities and our way of life.

At minimum, we clearly stated and had written into our Treaty that we shall always have reserved jurisdictions over our full territory, as our rights to harvest within the full extent of the territory, underlying title to the land and to a share of resource revenues were guaranteed.

We further declare that we have; and shall exercise our rights to all of the nibi (water) within and surrounding our territory including above and below all waters within and surrounding our territory.

Today, we again state and declare that the spirit and intent of our Treaty is as steadfast as our Ogimaak in 1850; and we shall remain strong leaders united for the benefit of future generations.

We will respectfully work together to implement all aspects of our Treaty.

All Anishinaabek within our Territory must play a role in this implementation and we as leaders, accept this responsibility.

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