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The Goal of RHW is to achieve Treaty-level Governance rooted in Anishinaabe governance systems and worldview for the Robinson Huron Treaty of 1850 Territory

The Robinson Huron Waawwindamaagewin Declaration

The Robinson Huron Waawiindamaagewin Declaration was developed by the Robinson Huron Treaty of 1850 Ogimaak in September 2020 and affirmed in Ceremony. It declares our Self-Determination, Inherent Rights, Responsibilities, Reciprocity andSovereignty given to us by Gichimanidoo and a renewed commitment to working together.


Our Political Working Group

The Robinson Huron Waawiindamaagewin Political Working Group (PWG) is an interim committee established by the Ogimaak of RHW 2017 to discuss the framework for developing the Anishinaabe Ishkodaykaan (Council Fire) of the Robinson Huron (RH) Treaty of 1850. The Ogimaak of the Robinson Huron Treaty of 1850 has the authority to establish organizations and committees for the purpose of addressing treaty-specific issues and projects. This committee aims to establish a sustainable RH Treaty Anishinaabe Ishkodaykaan (Council Fire) for the territory.

Linda Debassige

Dean Sayers

Allan Moffatt

CEO, North Shore Tribal Council (ex-officio member)

Ogimaa Warren Tabobundung

Wasauksing First Nation

Gimaa Adam Pawis

Shawanaga First Nation

Ogimaa Angus Toulouse

Sagamok Anishinawbek

Gimaa Scott McLeod

Nipissing First Nation

Our Vision

Our communities are healthy, thriving, and self-sufficient, exercising their inherent rights and jurisdiction in their Treaty territory according to Chi-Naaknigewin.

Our Mission

To implement our understanding of Chi-Naaknigewin as the Creator bestowed on us to enable Robinson Huron Waawiindamaagewin communities to grow, thrive and be healthy, self-sufficient and self-determining, exercising our inherent rights and jurisdiction over our governance structures and processes (Gimaakndaadwin), culture, way of life and identity (Gdizhtwaawin’naa); the promotion of community well-being (Mno-Bmaadziwin) and the protection and use of Treaty lands (Gdaakiimnaa).

RHW Strategic Plan

We, Robinson Huron Waawiindamaagewin (RHW), have developed this strategic plan to continue to enhance Treaty governance for our Robinson Huron Treaty. We will maintain and foster Treaty governance collectively, as signatories and adhesions to our Treaty, and will contribute to the meaningful original relationship our ancestors envisioned for us and our future generations. On September 9, 2020, the RHW Chiefs signed the Robinson Huron Waawiindamaagewin Declaration, which outlines our vision for our Treaty and provides the foundation for this strategic plan.

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